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Busan University Teenagers Creative Techno...
Dong-A University Law School
Wildlife Photo Exhibition
Seok Dang Museum
Taiwanese Consulate
United Nations Peace Memorial Hall
Universal Design Research Center
Busan International Architectural Culture ...
Busan Chamber of Commerce
National Women Historical Hall
Sasang Indie Station
District Court
Dermatology Hospital
New line Plastic Surgery
Wildlife Photo Exhibit
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Kyungsung Universal Design Center
Climate Change
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Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Im Kwon Taek Cinema Museum
Hong Ti Art Center
Let's Run Park
Handmade Market
IReal Park
다이아몬드 베이 취재
디베이트 A, B반 그린닥터스 취재
Kim Seok Joon, the Superintendent of Busan...
Brave girl, Ria.
양정초등학교 학교대표단 아이리얼파크 취재
The Office Of National Tax Administration
Haegang Middle
Jangsan Middle